Sr. Description Last Date
1 Tender for sale of old vehicle/car   Annexure1  Annexure2   31.07.2018
2 Tender for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Software Based Video Conferencing Equipment with 03 years Warranty and Support   Addendum 1   20.07.2018 (Extended to 26.07.2018)
3 Empanelment of Chartered Accountants for concurrent audit of branches   Annexures   08.07.2018
4 Tender for supply of Computer Hardware and Peripherals   Annexures   Appendix   Addendum 1   Addendum 2   13.06.2018(Extended 21.06.2018)
5 Sealed Tenders are invited for Selection of Service Provider for Supply, Installation, Integration and Maintenance of Information Security and Network Devices at Bank of Baroda sponsored RRB’s Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center & NDR   Technical Specifications Addendum-1 29.05.2018(Extended 01-06-2018)
6 Offer Invitation for Group Term Life Insurance Policy 10.05.2018
7 Tender for supply of Multi-function Laser Printers 09.05.2018
8 Tender for Fire Extinguisher 03.05.2018
9 Tender for CCTV System 03.05.2018
10 Tender for Alarm System Addendum-1 03.05.2018
11 Advertisement for premises at Bhawani Mandi(Dist- Baran)   Format of Offer Letter 20.04.2018
12 Tender Notice for CTS-2010 Cheque Book printing and supply 22.03.2018
13 Tender for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Computer Hardware and Peripherals at branches and offices of the Bank 12.03.2018
14 Advertisement for premises at Dei, Lakheri(Dist- Bundi) and Kapasan (Dist- Chittorgarh)   Format of Offer Letter 15.02.2018
15 Tender for empanelment of vendors for Supply,Installation and commissioning of Batteries 09.02.2018
16 Tender for Supply of FRRC Addendum-1 09.02.2018 (extended 21.02.2018)
17 Tender for empanelment of vendors for Supply,Installation and commissioning of Invertors 09.02.2018
18 Tender for Hiring Taxi Cars 13.02.2018
19 Tender for Sale of Old Vehicle/ Car 11.01.2018
20 Tender for Sale of Old AC 11.01.2018

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